Trustee Guidance

You may be interested in becoming a trustee or simply you want to find out what they do and how they should go about their responsibilities.
In smaller charities like this one the responsibilities are not burdensome but they are real and require a desire to both serve older people and to ensure that we do it in the best way possible.

Your first stop should be at the Charity Commission Trustee Guidance - they are the source of all information regarding the existence and running of a legally constituted charity.

Next read about the details held on this charity - enter 1011780 in Find Charity at  Charity Commission details 

You should then browse around this website to learn about what we do, why we do it and how much it costs.

To become a trustee there are some steps to take:
  • talk to a trustee, 
  • decide if you want to be one
  • complete a Trustee declaration and get it to the secretary.

Remember thousands of charities are successfully managed year by year by ordinary people who know how to ask questions and be enthusiastic about the work that we do. You could be one of them, especially if you have got some business, marketing, financial skills or if you have experience from the health and care sectors.

Thank you for visiting us

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